Automation in China

VDMA Wolfschütz

The upcoming China Management Meeting will focus on "Automation" and will take place at Yi Fei Furniture in Shanghai on 29th June 2017.

Our upcoming VDMA China Management Meeting Woodworking will take place at Yi Fei Furniture Co., Ltd. (上海翊菲家具有限公司) in Feng Xian, Shanghai on 29th June, 2017. This time we will focus on and discuss possible automatic production approaches. Automation is a hot topic, especially in the Chinese wood and furniture industry. Together we will analyze the needs of Chinese customers and evaluate suitable automation approaches. A guest speaker of the German machinery manufacturer Festo will give us some insights in their automation solutions and some best practice examples from other industries. Furthermore, a speaker from InterChina Consulting will give us their insight to "The outlook of automation in China!". Additionally, we will of course discuss the recent business developments and outlook for the second half of 2017.

Besides we will hold as usual a welcome dinner on 28th June 2017 in downtown Shanghai.

We are looking forward to your participation! If you cannot attend personally your colleagues are highly welcome.