Market data and business climate

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Successful companies rely on clear product, marketing and sales strategies. Business strategies and entrepreneurial decisions require well-founded information and reliable data. Driven by the globalization of markets, the growth of new competitors and the fact that there are hardly any undiscovered markets, it is indispensable today to make use of a whole repertoire of information and decision criteria when observing the market. The association provides support to its member companies.

Knowledge about the markets

For many years, the association has been advising its member companies around the topic of markets and economy. In the simplest case, the advice can be given by telephone or in the form of a detailed market research including a presentation. For more complex questions, the association offers on-site advice.

Business climate reports in a bianual rythm

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Every spring and autumn, the association's Business Cycle Report provides a current overview and outlook on the most important developments on the market for woodworking machinery.

The new Business Cycle Report Spring 2019 is now available for download!

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"Figure, Data, Facts" in a yearly rythm

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The statistical industry report "Figures, Data, Facts" contains all relevant information on German production and world trade in woodworking machinery. The detailed, clear presentation of exports and extensive information on individual markets provide a detailed insight into the world of woodworking machinery.

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Coutries reports & interviews

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The Woodworking Machinery Association offers its member companies information about interesting markets in the world at regular intervals. Country reports and interviews with customers of German manufacturers of woodworking machines and their competitors provide a better overview of these markets.

Country reports and interviews by country and regions:

Southamerica | Russia | India | China | Vietnam

Market surveys studien on different countries and regions

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The Woodworking Machinery Association (Fachverband Holzbearbeitungsmaschinen) offers market studies specially prepared for manufacturers in the woodworking machinery industry on important and interesting markets in the world. This gives member companies a better overview of these special markets.

Market surveys