Committees of the Woodworking Machinery Association

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The Woodworking Machinery Association represents German manufacturers in the woodworking machinery sector. Member companies can participate in the activities of the association's following committees, working committees and groups.

A good reason to be a member and possibly become one!

Hereafter, the steering committees, working committees and working groups as well as management meetings of the Woodworking Machinery Association are listed.


The Board of Directors

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Mr. Pekka Paasivaara chairs this committee of high-ranking representatives of the member companies of the association.

Responsible for this steering committee in the VDMA Woodworking Machinery is:

Dr. Bernhard Dirr  -  (Get in contact here by mail!)

The composition of this steering committee can be viewed via the following link:

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Working Groups and Management Meetings


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The association offers its member companies the possibility of cooperation or professional participation within the framework of its working groups.

With its management meetings, the association offers its members a platform for the targeted exchange of experience and the establishment of local networks. These events are aimed at the local representatives and German representatives of the member companies in the key markets China, France, South America and Southeast Asia.

The focus is on information and exchange on relevant topics directly related to successful business activities in these markets.

In the following you will find links to the working groups and the management meetings of the association.

Working committees

Management Meetings