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Leading German wood and furniture industry suppliers are exhibiting together for the first time under the umbrella brand „Made in Germany“ to Iranian customers. The German communal stand at the Trade Fair Woodex in Teheran, from 4th until 7th of February, 2017, is a premiere.
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The VDMA Expert Association Woodworking Machinery’s board has two new members: Tom Altendorf (Altendorf Maschinenfabrik, Minden) und Pekka Paasivaara (HOMAG Group AG, Schopfloch) were appointed to the board for the first time at the members’ assemby in Geisenheim.
The year 2015 closed with a 6.5 percent production increase for German woodworking machinery producers, meaning that production reached a value of 2.8 billion Euro. For 2016, a further production plus of up to 5 percent can be expected.
From 7th till 11th of November 2016 there will be an entrepreneurial trip to important companies in the saw and furniture industry in Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. This trip to explore the market will include technology symposiums in Belgrade and Sarajevo and will be conducted by the em&s GmbH in cooperation with the VDMA and the German Economy’s delegations in Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.
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Not only do the Chinese economy’s growth rates constantly trigger discussions on how true they can be. The official data on Foreign Trade in regards to mechanical engineering shows conspicuously high numbers in 2014, thereby causing a lot of gossip in the trade as well.
Siberia's most important trade fair in matters of woodworking machinery, the ExpoDrev Russia 2014, will take place from 9. to 12. September 2014. As in the previous years, the VDMA provides its member companies the possibility to exhibit on a joint stand, under the official signet "Made in Germany".
Daniel Schrenk, Managing Director for Sales and Marketing with the German LEUCO AG is the new President for the Eumabois Toolgroup. He is successor to Paul Oertli of Oertli Werkzeuge AG, Switzerland, who was President for four years.
The new trade fair area concept that the LIGNA 2017 is going to be presenting will be even more tailor-made to meet the requirements of visitors and customers of the woodworking machinery producers more precisely and comprehensively. The next LIGNA will be taking place from May 22nd to May 26th, 2017 in Hanover, Germany.
Many exhibitors will present innovative solutions to the industry trends that are currently under discussion at the upcoming LIGNA which will take place from the 11th to 15th of May 2015 in Hannover. Issues such as the reshaping and machining of plastics and other non-wood materials with woodworking machines as well as innovative plants concepts for modern woodwork are seen as highly important by many companies in addition to the issue of Industry 4.0.
According to the Federal Statistical Office’s current production figures, the trade has grown by 8.5 percent to around 2.6 billion Euros. Thus, the original 5 percent plus prognosis has been more than exceeded. „Especially investments made by the furniture and sawing industry have contributed to this successful development,“ Bernhard Dirr, the VDMA Association’s Managing Director explained.
Für das LIGNA-Jahr 2015 erwarten die deutschen Hersteller von Holzbearbeitungsmaschinen ein Umsatzplus von drei Prozent. Dies und viel mehr äußerte Wolfgang Pöschl, Vorstand des VDMA Fachverbandes Holzbearbeitungsmaschinen und Vorstand der Michael Weinig AG anlässlich der „LIGNA Preview 2015“, das am 29.01.2015 in Hannover stattfand.
The German Woodworking Machinery Industry’s image film is now also available in English, as well as nine further languages. The film covers all aspects of woodworking, from the first forming procedures right up to the finished piece of furniture, from simplest technology up to complex manufacturing plants.
For the first time, leading German suppliers of the lumber and solid wood products industry will be presenting themselves together to the North American clients at the Timber Processing & Energy Expo which will take place from 15th to 17th of Oktober 2014 in Portland, Oregon.
Successful companies rely on clear product-, marketing- and sales strategies. Business strategies and managerial decisions need substantiated information and reliable data. Driven by the globalization of markets, by the emersion of new competitors and by the fact that there are hardly undiscovered markets left, it is indispensable to have access to a substantial repertoire of information and decision tools while observing markets. For many years the association provides its member companies with precious advice pertaining to markets and economic activities. Our consulting service could be achieved by telephone or as well in form of detailed market researches including presentations for elementary questions. For more complex subject matters, the association provides in-site consultancy.
„The challenges that the trade is facing are demanding. The current manning of the board means we are well-placed to meet the coming years,“ said Pöschl at the press interview after the members’ meeting on May 23rd. 2014 in Cologne.
The market in Belarus is suffering from a sinking economic situation and the expectations for 2014 are muted, but contrary to its neighbours Ukraine and Russia it is in a calm fairway. A good opportunity to build up and reinforce contacts.
Alexander Prokisch, HOMAG Group AG, verantwortlich für das Marketing der HOMAG Group, ist am 4. Juni auf der Sitzung des Arbeitskreises Marketing und Vertrieb im VDMA Holzbearbeitungsmaschinen einstimmig zum Leiter gewählt worden.
“Even companies with less than five employees are buying the newest machine solutions with which they can serve all their individual clients’ growing requests.“ Bernhard Dirr, Managing Director of the VDMA Woodworking Machinery Association is glad to say.
"The woodworking Industry should be able to close the year 2014 with a turnover increase of up to five percent“, explained Wolfgang Pöschl, Chairman of the VDMA Trade Association and Weinig, during the VDMA Trade Association Woodworking Machinery members’ general meeting in Cologne on 23rd May, 2014.
The consistent high demand for individual and high-quality interior furnishings and building elements ensures great prospects for woodworking machinery designed for the trade. German producers expect a positive year.
At present there is no translation for this internet article. Please contact for further information.
At present there is no translation for this internet article. Please contact for further information.
At present there is no translation for this internet article. Please contact for further information.
At present there is no translation for this internet article. Please contact for further information.
At present there is no translation for this internet article. Please contact for further information.